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Week 01 – Princess Party Dance Camp

Love princesses? Love dancing? Then sign up for our Princess Dance Party Camp and you’ll have so much fun partying and dancing like a princess. Don’t forget to wear your favorite princess costumes to camp every day and prepare to be amazed as our choreography transforms our tiny dancers into real princesses!

Week 01 – Tennis Camp

Tennis camp is a perfect place for young athletes to improve their skills, make friends, and have a ton of fun! Players are grouped according to age and/or skill to fully benefit from our Quick Start Program. Campers will learn fundamentals and improve their game through footwork drills, games, strategy, match play, and having fun […]

Week 01 – Extreme STEAM Retro Camp

Get ready for some groovy time-traveling fun! Our friends at Challenge Island will help you and your tribe build a time machine and take a STEAMtastic journey to a different decade every day. You will engineer iconic toys and pop culture products from each era and experience what it was like to be a kid […]

Week 01 – Drama Camp Jr. – On Broadway

Does your child love to act, dance, and sing? If so, this introduction to musical theater is for you! Children will explore acting, improvisational games, creative movement, singing, choreography, and costume and prop craft time. Each week, this camp builds self-confidence and a passion for musical theater. Musical material for this camp will go along […]

Pajama Jam Dance Camp

We are taking the most fun part of a sleepover and bringing it to camp! Wear your pajamas to camp every day as we learn new dances and fun choreography with our friends. We will dance to all our favorite songs and play fun sleepover dance games!