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    Staff FAQs

    Why should I work at MJCCA Day Camps?

    It is an amazing opportunity to make a difference. Not only will you be making a difference in the lives of children, you will also be having fun, and a lot of it! You will enjoy swimming, arts & crafts, archery, sports, tennis, dance, rock wall, and more. Another benefit to working at MJCCA Day Camps is the friendships you will make. Equally as important is that working at camp is a great resume builder. Where else can you be a teacher, nurse, guidance counselor, mentor, and role model all rolled up into one position? You will also gain valuable leadership and team building skills. Hiring professionals know that when they see camp on a resume that you possess many of the attributes they are looking for in a quality employee.

    What are the options in terms of camp types and locations?

    We offer campers Camp Isidore Alterman and Specialty (theme, teen, performing arts, sports, and travel) camps. Think about which of those types of camps best matches with your interests and passions. We also operation in several locations around Atlanta and one might be most convenient for you.


    • Camp Isidore Alterman
    • Specialty Camps


    • Performing Arts Camps
    • Theme Camps

    East Cobb:

    • Performing Arts Camps
    • Theme Camps
    What kind of hours will I be working over the summer?

    The core camp hours are approximately 8:00am-4:30pm. All staff choose one of three options: Working Before Camp Care (BCC), After Camp Care (ACC) or being a Bus Counselor. If you decide on BCC, your arrival time is 7:15am, if you choose ACC, you day will conclude at 6:00pm and if you choose to be a bus counselor, your hours will be determined by the bus stop locations.

    Will I be trained before camp starts?

    Yes! At MJCCA Day Camps, we take staff training very seriously. You will participate in extensive training sessions and orientations in May prior to the start of camp. Your training will encompass health and safety at camp, child care, and diversity, tolerance, and inclusion. You will also receive training on communication and leadership skills. Of course we’ll discuss in detail a typical day of camp and day-to-day MJCCA Day Camps operations. You will have two options of sessions to attend and can select the one that works best for your schedule.

    How many weeks can I work during the summer?

    Camp operates for 11 weeks in the summer and while we absolutely love when staff members can commit to the entire 11 weeks, we understand that for some people 11 weeks is just not possible. We do ask for at least a 3 week commitment.

    What kind of additional commitments will there be during the summer?

    There will be a few evening staff meetings, a Summer Kickoff just prior to camp starting, and Family Camp Night. There will also be fun staff outings! They are optional, but we feel it is important to provide our staff with an opportunity to get the chance to know each other and to have some fun! The outings are open to all camp staff members.

    How old do I have to be to apply to work at camp?

    In order to work at MJCCA Day Camps, you must be a rising 11th grader or older. Our camp staff is comprised of high schoolers, college-aged staff, and adults. For 9th and 10th graders, we offer a SIT: Staff In Training Program.

    What is the SIT program for Rising 9th and 10th Graders?

    SIT’s work with campers, participate in leadership and team building activities, and come away with a tangible resource guide at the end of their commitment. SIT’s are required to participate for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks during the summer. There is an application and interview process for the SIT program. Once accepted into the SIT program, there is mandatory staff training. Rising 9th graders will earn 40 hours of community service per week and rising 10th graders will be paid $25/week or they can earn 40 community service hours. There is a fee to participate in the SIT program and you can apply online.

    How and when do I apply to work at MJCCA Day Camps for the summer?

    In January, we begin accepting online staff applications for new and returning staff members. We have all kids of positions for summer: supervisors, counselors, coaches, activity leaders, administrative staff, health care professionals, SIT’s and more! On your application, you can choose multiple positions in which to apply. Once you have applied, a member of the MJCCA Day Camps team will contact you to set up an interview.

    How do I dress for camp each day?

    MJCCA Day Camps staff are required to wear a camp t-shirt (we will provide you with 3 of them), appropriate length shorts or other bottoms that you are comfortable wearing, and closed-toe shoes. If you need to purchase additional camp t-shirts, they are $5 each. You will be swimming with your campers daily, so bathing suits are also needed (bikinis are not allowed for camp staff members).

    What should I bring to camp each day?

    You should always bring a water bottle and your lunch as camp staff are not allowed to leave camp premises for lunch. Lunch does not have to be kosher. You should also bring your swimsuit & towel, sunscreen, and a backpack to hold everything during the day. You should NOT bring jewelry, cell phones, or other electronic devices. If you bring a cell phone to work, it will either need to be in your backpack or left in your car. We have a strict no cell phone policy at camp.