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Are you ready to make a difference?

Working at MJCCA Day Camps, you will make friends that last a lifetime while gaining leadership skills and experience to help build your resume. We offer a variety of positions from counselors and supervisors to coaches and activity leaders. An interview is required for all positions. Once we receive your application and two reference forms, you will receive an email or phone call from the camp office to arrange an interview. All staff must be outgoing, energetic, responsible, and patient. See more details below!

Summer 2024 Staff Application is now LIVE! Apply now!

Camp Isidore Alterman Unit Head

Join our summer camp leadership team as a Unit Head and be the captain of fun and growth for an age group (pre-kindergarten through 8th grade)! Your role will involve overseeing groups throughout the day, offering support to both campers and staff, and collaborating closely with our camp directors to ensure a fantastic experience for everyone. Communication with parents and serving as a mentor to counselors will be key components of your role. If you are passionate about nurturing young minds, building strong relationships, and creating memorable camp moments, we’d love to have you on board. Hiring college-age and older.

Camp Isidore Alterman Assistant Unit Head

Join us as an Assistant Unit Head to elevate your summer camp experience! Immerse yourself in a dynamic role, providing essential support to camp groups and staff throughout the day. Collaborate closely with Unit Heads and Camp Directors to craft an extraordinary experience for all. Assistant Unit Heads are not assigned groups but will jump in if needed. If you have a passion for creating unforgettable memories with campers and a curiosity about the responsibilities of a unit head, we invite you to be part of our team! Hiring college-age and older.

Camp Isidore Alterman Group Counselor

Join our team as a Traditional Camp Group Counselor for an unforgettable summer experience. You’ll spend your days leading and participating in a variety of exciting activities with your campers all around camp. Group Counselors are required to swim with the campers and participate in all camp activities. At CIA Traditional Camp, we embrace the great outdoors, so get ready for endless sunshine! Hiring 10th grade and older.

Camp Isidore Alterman Activity Specialist

Join the excitement as a Day Camp Activity Specialist and unleash your passion in your designated area, whether it’s arts and crafts, STEAM, music, drama, dance, cooking, archery, song leading, ropes courses, or sports! Your role will involve leading groups in dynamic, age-appropriate activities that will ignite campers’ curiosity and creativity. Don’t worry about crafting the curriculum from scratch; this is your chance to infuse your own creative spark into our established program. You’ll work in close collaboration with the program director and camp directors, making every day at camp a thrilling adventure for campers and yourself! Hiring 10th grade and older depending on specialty area.

Theme Camp Counselor

Embark on an enchanting journey as a counselor in our theme camp! We’re in search of spirited leaders to guide groups through a kaleidoscope of themes, from mystical mermaids and magical unicorns to captivating circus acts and mind-expanding STEAM adventures. Imagination knows no bounds here, and the sillier, the better! If you’re brimming with enthusiasm and ready for art-centric fun, join us. You don’t need to be an artist, just be prepared to dive in, connect with kids, and let your playful side shine. Get set to ignite young imaginations, engage with our campers, and craft unforgettable memories in our vibrant art camps! Hiring 10th grade and older.

Travel Camp Counselor

Join our team as a Travel Camps Counselor. We’re in search of individuals aged 18 and older with maturity, responsibility, and a fun and organized energy. Guide campers through captivating experiences across the Atlanta area, accompanying them on thrilling field trips to attractions. As a representative of our camps, infuse enthusiasm and professionalism during bus rides to and from locations, ensuring the safety and well-being of campers while maintaining a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. This role is perfect for those who thrive in adventurous environments and are passionate about creating unforgettable summer experiences for young people. If you have a zest for adventure and a passion for fostering fun, apply now to be a vital part of our dynamic team, shaping lasting memories for campers!

Teen Camps Counselor

We are actively seeking dynamic individuals aged 18 and older with a vibrant and calming presence. This unique position involves guiding teenagers through specialty camps such as Ninja Warrior, Tech, Fashion, Improv, and more. As a Teen Camps Counselor, your crucial role is to maintain a productive and positive atmosphere, ensuring teens stay on track in their chosen camps, all while actively encouraging the formation of friendships. If you have a passion for connecting with teenagers, fostering friendships, and leading specialty camps, apply now to be a vital part of our team!

Theme Camp Program Lead

Embark on an exciting adventure as a Theme Camp Program Lead, where you’ll collaborate closely with theme camp directors to ensure a vibrant and organized summer camp experience. This role requires a responsible, adaptable, and creative leader who excels in assisting with camp operations, maintaining supplies, explaining activities to counselors and kids, and infusing positivity into the overall camp atmosphere. Join our team if you’re ready to take on a pivotal role, contribute innovative ideas, and make a lasting impact on the summer camp journey. Open to individuals college-age and older, this is your opportunity to elevate your summer camp experience and be an essential part of our enthusiastic camp community.

Drama Camp Counselor

Join the Drama Camp dream team and help us turn this summer into a theatrical extravaganza! Camp counselors will guide campers throughout the day and join the fun of bringing our summer camp shows to life. You’ll dance, act, and help campers shine during auditions, rehearsals, and mind-blowing performances! We are looking for drama enthusiasts who are ready to dive headfirst into the action. If you’re in 10th grade or beyond, this is your chance to be part of something truly spectacular! Hiring 10th grade and older.

Dance Camp Counselor

Get ready to boogie with our dance family! We’re all about having a blast while introducing new dance styles and funky combinations. You don’t have to be a pro dancer, but a sprinkle of dance experience and a dash of training will do the trick. Join us for a summer of rhythm, laughter, and epic dance parties! Hiring 10th grade and older.

Sports Camp Counselor and Activity Specialists

Get ready to slam-dunk into the coolest summer job ever! Our sports camp is on the hunt for counselors and activity specialists who can turn any game into an adventure. From soccer to dodgeball and even some wacky sports, you’ll be guiding kids through the most exhilarating summer of their lives, with a refreshing swim break thrown in daily. If you’re bursting with sportsmanship and a passion for making kids’ faces light up, join us for a summer packed with fun and games! Hiring 10th grade and older.

Tennis Camp Counselor

Calling all tennis enthusiasts with a passion for fun and a dash of competitive spirit! Tennis camp is searching for counselors who have a love for the game, regardless of their own skill level. Dive into a summer of serving up skills, rallying for new friendships, and making a splash with daily swims. You’ll be crafting not just tennis skills but also lifelong friendships on the court. Join us for a summer of ace experiences and net some incredible memories! Hiring 10th grade and older.

Pickleball Camp Counselor

Pickleball camp is seeking vibrant individuals to join the excitement of our pickleball camp. No expertise required—what truly matters is your genuine love for playing sports with kids and your enthusiasm for helping them acquire new skills. Picture yourself playing pickleball in our state-of-the-art facility, fostering new friendships among campers and staff, and enjoying daily swims. As a counselor, your energy will create a dynamic and delightful experience for everyone involved. If you’re prepared to make a positive impact and have an absolute blast while doing it, we invite you to be a part of our pickleball team! Hiring 10th grade and older.

Gymnastics Camp Counselor

Join us for a blast at the Besser Gymnastics Pavilion this summer as we bounce, flip, and tumble our way through the camp season. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro coach – all we ask is that our staff members have a bit of gymnastics or tumbling experience and share the excitement with our enthusiastic campers. Hiring 10th grade and older.

Inclusion Facilitators

Are you looking to spend your summer making a meaningful impact by helping individuals with developmental disabilities enjoy a typical camp experience? Join us and gain valuable hands-on experience while making a real difference in the lives of children. As an Inclusion Facilitator at MJCCA Day Camps, you will work with children and teens, aged 5 to 22, who have special needs, enabling them to fully participate in camp activities alongside their typical peers. The Inclusion Facilitator role involves different facilitator-to-camper ratios, ranging from 1:1 to 3:1, depending on the campers’ needs. This position offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience while enjoying a fun and social environment. Inclusion Facilitators may also be placed to work as a counselor for our Chaverim group, a self-contained special needs group comprising students in grades rising from 7th to 12th grade. In this role, Inclusion Facilitators will lead their group through daily activities, assist with daily needs and coach to work in the camp store.

We are looking for dedicated, responsible, and compassionate individuals who are eager to make a difference. While the Inclusion Facilitator position is a paid one, there are also opportunities to earn internship credits and community service hours. Training is provided and mandatory. Although we are not a therapeutic center, campers often bring in external resources, providing you with the chance to learn from other professionals in the field. We are currently hiring individuals in 10th grade and older, prior experience is preferred but not required although it may impact your placement with a camper.

Cooking Camp Counselor

As a Cooking Camp Counselor, your culinary passion takes center stage as you inspire the next generation of chefs on their culinary journey. Your love for cooking and food will be the guiding light as you work closely with the Culinary Director to create a dynamic and educational camp experience. Your role involves hands-on assistance in facilitating cooking stations, guiding young chefs through techniques, and fostering their creativity in the kitchen. Your enthusiasm and expertise will play a crucial role in cultivating a fun and educational environment, where budding chefs not only learn the art of cooking but also develop a lifelong love for the culinary world. Get ready to blend your love for food with mentorship, shaping the future of aspiring chefs one recipe at a time. Hiring 10th grade and older.

Day Camps Office Manager

As the Office Manager for our summer day camp, you’ll be an integral part of our administration team, dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to our camp families via phone and email. With a welcoming smile, you’ll be the friendly face greeting visitors and promptly addressing their needs. Your diverse responsibilities include answering calls and emails, contributing to lunch preparations, and ensuring camper t-shirts are ready for distribution. Beyond these tasks, your role extends to maintaining a well-organized and clean office environment, all while seamlessly collaborating with camp leadership. Your positive attitude and keen attention to detail will be the driving force behind creating a memorable and seamlessly run summer experience for everyone involved. Hiring college-age and older.

Day Camps Trolley Driver

The role of the trolley driver is to ensure the smooth transportation of campers and their counselors to different locations on our campus for both late check-ins and early check-outs. With a commitment to punctuality, the trolley driver strictly follows the transit schedule throughout the day. During downtimes, they actively support the Transportation Coordinator and Office Manager, contributing to the overall efficiency of the camp’s logistics. On-site training is a necessary component of this role, ensuring that the trolley driver is well-equipped to provide a safe and reliable transportation experience for all camp participants. Hiring college-age and older.

Day Camps Transportation Coordinator

As the Transportation Coordinator, you play a pivotal role requiring expertise in Excel and attention to detail. Your key responsibilities involve daily attendance updates from group rosters, cross-referencing absences with unit heads and counselors, and efficiently managing early checkout requests via email. You will compile a comprehensive spreadsheet of early check-outs for the trolley driver, check-in/out coordinator, and staff, ensuring a well-coordinated and smooth process. Additionally, your duties include creating detailed spreadsheets specifying each camper’s designated mode of transportation home, whether by bus, carpool, or after-camp care. Taking a proactive approach, you will reach out to families to address any discrepancies. The accuracy of your role is critical in upholding the safety of our campers throughout the entire camp duration.

Day Camps Check in/Out Table Coordinator

As the Check-In/Check-Out Table Coordinator, you play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for campers outside of morning and afternoon carpool times. Positioned at the check-in/out table, you serve as the welcoming face for parents and campers signing in and checking out. You will be in constant contact with directors, the trolley driver, transportation coordinator, and various groups, via walkie-talkie, ensuring a well-coordinated flow. The timely arrival of campers at the designated tent and ensuring their efficient transportation to activities is imperative. With your friendly demeanor and organizational skills, you contribute to an overall positive camp experience, making the check-in and check-out process a breeze for both campers and their families.

Day Camps Photographer

In the role of MJCCA Day Camps Photographer, you’ll be the artistic vision behind capturing the essence of our camp adventure. Your primary focus will be skillfully photographing campers, preserving the infectious smiles and unforgettable moments of each group daily. Going beyond stills, you’ll bring the camp experience to life by creating weekly videos and slideshows that beautifully encapsulate the spirit of our programs. Your lens is not just a tool; it’s a storyteller, playing a vital role in crafting enduring memories for campers and their families, ensuring that the enchantment of summer is immortalized in every frame you capture. Photographers are required to provide their own camera and recommended to have experience in photography and working with children. Hiring 10th grade and older.

Day Camps Medical Staff

We’re seeking compassionate individuals with a medical background (CNA, RN, or equivalent) who have a genuine passion for working with children. In this essential role, you’ll be at the forefront of ensuring the health and well-being of both campers and staff. As the Day Camp Nurse, you’ll operate the Health Center, administering medications, offering treatment for illnesses and injuries, and acting as a vital link between parents, camp staff, directors, and healthcare providers. Your primary focus will be on creating and maintaining a safe and healthy camp environment for all participants, making your role integral to the overall well-being of our camp community.