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Graphic Design Camp

Campers will learn the basics of graphic design in this creative camp with the help of instructors from Whiz Learning Kids. They’ll use Adobe Photoshop to explore patterns, colors, text, and shapes, and then progress to creating neat projects like a scrapbook page, a family tree, their own Minecraft or Roblox character, and more. Campers […]

Tech 101 Camp

In our beginner’s tech camp, Whiz Learning Kids will teach campers how to use different design elements like images, text, color, and backdrops to create digital scrapbook pages. They will also get a chance to design their own animations using basic programming techniques. It will be a fun week full of creativity. No previous computer […]

Canvas Creations Camp

In this crafty camp, budding artists will bring canvases to life, using their imaginations, a variety of paints, and guidance from our experienced counselors! Campers will create different masterpieces based on themes like landscapes, nature, and famous works of art. No experience is necessary, just a desire to be creative and have fun!

Kitchen Passport Cooking Camp

The best way to experience the world and cultures is through food. In our Kitchen Passport camp, we will do just that! Each day, we will travel around the world through cuisine form a variety of countries. Dishes include pastas, savory and sweet baked items, vegetable and fruit mixtures, and so much more. Grab your […]