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Graffiti Art Camp

Though graffiti most well-known for spray-painted artwork, various mediums are actually used to craft these colorful, vibrant creations. In this unique camp, facilitated by All City Murals, participants will learn how to create graffiti art using spray paint, marker pens, and other mixed media with a professional graffiti artist. By the end of the week, […]

Improv Party Camp

In Improv Party Camp, we’ll collaborate as a team to improve on skills like listening, thinking quickly, and story building. Learning how to create a cohesive and engaging story quickly will help us create hysterical scenarios in front of a full house during show time. With help from our friends at Whole World Theatre, this […]

Abrakadabra Camp

Campers will learn an exciting array of magic tricks and explore the work of famous magicians, past and present, with Aragorn the Magician. They will also learn effective presentation skills and how to engage an audience, project their voices, and be confident and composed on stage. They’ll get to put their new skills to good […]